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Working on the property today, I was divebombed by a fiesty mail Hummer, The Rufous. Hooligans too! A river full!

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Northern Harrier Hawk

Light rain and some snowy remnants today (April 30, 2013) but warm winds. I was sipping my coffee and out of the corner of my eye, this beauty landed on a stump in the yard! I have seen him every day now hunting over the river - very beautiful! Walking yesterday, I heard the very distinctive and exciting trill of RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD too - always a welcome to Spring and Summer! Many RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS hop and tapping on the trees all over the grounds, a happy, busy bunch!

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Artist/Writer Retreats, Weddings & Events

If you have a group looking for an accommodating, user-friendly space for a WORKSHOP, a MEETING, a WEDDING - please think of us! 

We can accommodate 12 people at 4 per room - dorm style! Our rooms all have 2 Queen beds and plenty of shelf/dresser space.  Your meals can be communal on the roomy porches just outside the rooms on the riverside. The BBQ/Picnic area is also well equipped for family-style meals.  These areas can also be used as "break out" areas if needed for meetings, etc. 

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Wildlife Notes from the Chilkoot River Corridor

The Chilkoot River Corridor is equally known for its abundant Eagles as it is for its Bears.

BALD EAGLES:  It is early Spring 2013- there are two nesting pairs of Baldies just outside our windows here at

Chilkoot Haven.  They are very talkative in the early morning and at dusk and a near-constant

presence overhead as I walked the river today. You will see them and hopefully they are sitting on eggs!

SEALS: Last week just down the road toward town, I stopped to watch a pod of 5 seals slipping in and out of the

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